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News & Updates

Introducing SoliPrint

5 days ago
We created SoliPrint to take the confusion out of 3D printing software. It has been simplified to make printing easy. It features minimal controls for you to add a model, move it around the bed, select your print material, and hit print. Key features: - Simplified user interface - Hidden advanced menus to change slicer [...]

SoliPrint Q&A

15 days ago
The SoliPrint software has been designed and developed to compliment the Solidoodle Press. We have taken all of the complex and confusing features out of the print process to make it fast and easy for someone to print. There are minimal controls to place and scale your model. Just select your filament material, resolution, and [...]

Solidoodle New Printer Q&A

22 days ago
Hi All- As promised, below is a consolidation of all of the questions we received about the Press and Workbench Printers. There was a lot of overlap, so similar questions have been grouped together. Also, there were a lot of questions about SoliPrint. We will post another Q&A for the software next Friday the 7th. [...]

No More Manual Calibration With SoliPrint

3 months ago
With the announcement of our new SoliTouch auto-calibration technology on new Solidoodle 3D printers yesterday, we thought a demo was in order. The technology centers around a sensor that automatically measures points across the build plate before starting a print, allowing for a consistent z-offset even if the bed is extremely unleveled. Check out our [...]

Solidoodle’s New Dual Extruder

3 months ago
We announced yesterday that our two Workbench Series 3D printers (Workbench and Workbench Apprentice) will feature dual extruders for printing with two filaments at once, which adds an extra level of function and convenience. Especially for the professional or hobbyist using our 12x12x12″ Workbench, our dual extruder coupled with our new SoliTouch auto-calibration (both standard [...]